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Began her career in the construction industry with COSCAN Development, as an accountant.  As only the third employee hire for the company, and over an eight-year period, Miechelle witnessed the growth of the company to 90 employees. Matching COSCAN’s growth step-for-step, Miechelle obtained her real estate license; all the while, taking classes in construction-related topics, such as blueprint reading.  In addition, she established methods for departments such as Accounting, Closing Coordinator, and Customer Service.  Eventually, Miechelle requested and received a position as an onsite Construction Superintendent…at a time when women weren’t regularly found to be active in this role.
Because of Miechelle’s understanding of the many aspects of the industry, she was soon approached by a bank to provide her expertise in rescuing a builder in danger of defaulting on financing very important to the bank.  As the bank’s representative, Miechelle developed an appropriate workflow and negotiated the requisite workouts.  Within a period of 18 months, as the result of Miechelle’s efforts, the builder was once again profitable and a performing asset to the bank’s portfolio.
Success begets success, and Miechelle soon parlayed her experience into a teaching position with a new software developer…devoting several years as an instructor in six primary classes, customized for the building trade, utilizing newly developed software.  The classes included instruction in Estimating; Design Center; Construction Startup; Customer Service; Escrow and Loan Management; and Scheduling.  Each client was analyzed as to their particular circumstances and workflows were created to establish them on a successful path.  Within short order, Miechelle had established relationships with more than 180 clients coast-to-coast; from the mom-and-pop company to commercial contractors and national home builders.
Several years of traveling later, Miechelle accepted a position with DAV Company, where she was involved in such projects as Fire Station remodels; Office improvements; and, Warehouse and Civil work.
It was in 2001, while working on a 30,000 square foot custom residence, that Miechelle and Randy Arnett Romero became acquainted.  Randy had been charged with bringing his unique design talents to the project; and soon thereafter, Miechelle accepted a position as an Operations Manager for R-Net Custom Homes, Inc., where she continued for a period until taking time off for personal development. found Miechelle in the position of Vice President for a Hospitality Renovation Company, performing hotel renovations in Arizona and Utah, during which time she obtained her General Contracting license.

Miechelle is delighted to once again be in the valley building dreams.